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About Us

Here at H.I. Communications, we are committed to providing quality, custom solutions to fit our customers' (mostly small businesses) unique telecommunications, data networking and other information technology needs.

H.I. Communications was founded in 2006 by me, Chad Evans, an information technology professional of over 20 years. I started my career in the information technology field with a major health care system in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, providing computer and telephone support to 7 large hospitals, and 4 administrative buildings. At my next job as a PBX technician with a major telecommunications company, I honed his skills in telecom and became a subject matter expert in small business telephone systems (also called key systems), like the Norstar© system by Nortel.

I was among 2 technicians from Texas sent to New York City in September, 2001 to restore critical communications to lower Manhattan after the September 11th attacks. After spending 40 days in New York, I returned home a changed man–never to forget. Less than a year after my return to Texas, my employer was in a legal battle for its very existence—and lost.

Displaced from my job, my family and I moved east to Atlanta, where the promise of work in the information industry was much greater. After a short (and stressful) period, another large telecommunications provider employed me. Two short years later, I manage this department. While in management, I have recognized the shortcomings of large providers in that they cannot provide the level of custom service needed by smaller businesses for a reasonable price.

So I started H.I. Communications, a small business for small businesses. When you choose H.I. for your IT service, you can be sure that your needs will be evaluated, and we provide as small or large a solution as is needed to best suit your business. Remember, we are a small company, so all phases of your solution, from evaluation and design to implementation and maintenance, are handled by a handful of highly experienced technicians committed to your satisfaction. So when you contact us, either for an initial consultation or for maintenance, you're answered by me, Chad Evans, owner and founder of H.I. Communications.

H.I. Communications
Loganville, GA 30052
ph. 770-851-0794